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The regulator SSM expected to report LOT results to the government in the beginning of March – MKG has made several inputs

In the beginning of March 2021 the Swedish nuclear regulator SSM is to provide a report to the Swedish government on the copper corrosion results from two 20-year experimental packages from the LOT project that the nuclear waste company SKB reported on in the autumn of 2020. MKG has made three inputs into the SSM quality assurance review project during the autumn of 2020.

Two seminars in November about the very deep borehole (VDH) method for nuclear waste repositories

The very deep borehole repository method as an alternative for long-term disposal of nuclear waste has received increasing attention in the past year.

Östhammars community tells the government they accept the repository for spent fuel

On the evening of 13 October 2020, an extra municipal council meeting was held in Östhammar Municipality where the Forsmark nuclear power plant is situated.

Scientifically inferior SKB report on copper corrosion in LOT project shows that copper is not suitable as a canister material

The Swedish nuclear waste company SKB has published a report from the 20-year old LOT experiment with copper and clay in the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory at the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant.

SKB will publish LOT project results and SSM will do a quality control

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Miljöorganisationernas kärnavfallsgranskning (MKG, The Swedish NGO office for Nuclear Waste Review) had a meeting on March 25th with the General Director of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and staff.

MKG and its member organisations take the issue of the secret LOT retrieval to the government

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Friends of the Earth Sweden and the MKG have submitted a new statement to the government in its licensing review process the for spent nuclear fuel repository in Forsmark.

SKB secretly retrieves experimental packages that can decide the future of the spent fuel repository

In response to a direct question from MKG at meeting on October 16 organised by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority SSM, the nuclear waste company SKB answered that experimental packages in the LOT experiment have been retrieved – without transparency to any other actors. The LOT test is carried out in the Äspö hard rock laboratory.

MKG and member organisations send a statement to the government on SKB's complementary copper information

The complementary information the nuclear waste company SKB submitted to the government in April 2019 on the behaviour of the copper canister in the planned Swedish repository for spent nuclear fuel does not show that the company's license application meets the requirements for permissibility according to the Environmental Code.

New overview of eight countries' nuclear waste management from the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste

The Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste [Kärnavfallsrådet], the government’s scientific advisory board, has published a report on how eight different countries manage nuclear waste.

Web-broadcast of seminar with experts from Canada, Switzerland and Europe on radioactive waste

Three international experts on radioactive waste visited Sweden invited by MKG and Milkas. In a seminar in Stockholm on May 24th, 2019, they shared their knowledge of the radioactive waste situation in Canada, Switzerland and Europe at a seminar at the office of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Stockholm.

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